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Our 2014 Season was record breaking by far due to some great work and expansion in areas as well as more paving projects. Another odd winter has us wondering how soon until we are ready to fill in those 70, 80, 90 degree days. We have a good pile of work once that happens already so please don’t hesitate and contact us now to get on the list!

Power Brush Squeegees: squeegee power brushes act like 4-foot paint brushes. The nylon bristles leave more material on your asphalt. We’ve never used a firm rubber squeegee which scrapes material further along for a higher profit margin for operators and less coverage for you. Power brushes offer clean, excellent edging. This means no mess on concrete, bricks, wood, or rocks. More is better: 2 coats compared to 1 will offer 2-5 times more material. Therefore, 4-6-8 years protection, even in snow country. After blowing and washing for an impeccable clean surface, the first coat is intended to absorb and adhere. It... View Article

Although asphalt has amazing adhesive and waterproofing properties, it has some serious disadvantages that originate from its chemical makeup. For one, Asphalt is a very complex mixture of thousands of chemicals. These chemicals are predominantly open chain  in structure,  it is this amount of un-saturation within their molecular structure that provides easy access to weather, salts and chemicals to attack and disintegrate the asphaltic molecules. As these molecules disintegrate, the asphalt in the pavement loses much of its original properties. At this time in the aging process of asphalt it will turn from a dark black color to brown to... View Article