Driveway Repair Sacramento

With the passage of time, all asphaltic properties are adversely affected by a variety of elements: sun, weather, use abuse, wear & tear, acts of mother nature, murphy’s law and humans.  This overall wear and tear equates into degrees of periodic repairs and replacements.  This shows a continuing need for maintenance.  Initial protection will last for numerous years, but with wear and tear specific areas may necessitate additional attention. Spots with standing water, shading, freezing and thawing and rough-surfaced, or steep sloped areas, high-traffic areas, mushrooms, tree roots, cracks, and alligator cracks. Help stop your driveway from aging, call Sierra Nevada Sealcoating driveway repair in sacramento.

sealcoating before and after
Sealcoating provides protection for Asphalt against those elements and helps to avoid expensive replacements down the road.

Hot Tar Crack Filling Service

Filling cracks is an important step when performing driveway repair sacramento. Your asphalt driveway or pavement surface will be a very important part of extending the life of your asphalt.

If your considering Sealcoating your asphalt as well, filling asphalt cracks first is always a better option. Asphalt Emulsion is not designed to be an asphalt crack filler, it is made for protecting asphalt from the elements such as UV light, dirt, natural elements and oils. It is not flexible enough or designed to fill a crack deeper and wider than 1/4″.

Sierra Nevada uses Crafco Superflex HT Sealant, which comes in cardboard blocks and is used by melting it at a minimum of 350 degrees fahrenheit in one of our two pieces of equipment.

To see the Material Safety Data Sheet on Superflex, click here

Please keep in mind that taking care of your asphalt is a maintenance project and must be done periodically otherwise you could be just throwing money away if not done regularly or properly by professionals.  Of course we recommend that you let the professionals at Sierra Nevada Sealcoating take care of this for you.

Hot-Tar Crack Filling is a very dangerous task and should not be done without the proper knowledge or equipment.