With the passage of time, all asphaltic properties are adversely affected by a variety of elements: sun, weather, use abuse, wear & tear, acts of mother nature, murphy’s law and humans.  This overall wear and tear equates into degrees of periodic repairs and replacements.  This shows a continuing need for maintenance.  Initial protection will last for numerous years, but with wear and tear specific areas may necessitate additional attention. Spots with standing water, shading, freezing and thawing and rough-surfaced, or steep sloped areas, high-traffic areas, mushrooms, tree roots, cracks, and alligator cracks.

sealcoating before and after
Sealcoating provides protection for Asphalt against those elements and helps to avoid/prolong expensive replacements down the road.

Your asphalt is going to crack up, but its not funny.  Sealcoating will provide protection to 90-95% of the surface area.

Why Choose Sierra Nevada Sealcoating & Asphalt, Inc?

SealcoatingSierra Nevada Sealcoating & Asphalt, Inc has become proven driveway artists in the maintenance of residential and commercial asphalt. The information we would like to share with you below will help describe what we have learned over 30 + years!

Sierra Nevada Sealcoating & Asphalt, Inc is a company that believes in the 2-Coat process. We understand pavement, know how sealer works, and offer the best material in the business in Overkote Asphalt Emulsion. An Asphalt Emulsion contains (among other things) slate, sand, clay, gravel, silicon, rubber, and oil.

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We show up promptly, and waste no time getting your driveway clean. Whatever you as the owner can do to help (power wash, move objects on the driveway, get cars out of the way, trim vegetation) will save us time in doing it and will allow for more drying time that equals less down time for you and can get you back on your driveway a.s.a.p.

We wash the driveway down after cleaning, and the reason for this is we have experienced in the past that if you put down a dry coat, it doesn’t adhere as well to the asphalt and will result in chipping, flaking, and peeling of your new coating. The first ‘wet’ coat also gives the second ‘dry’ coat a cleaner and better surface to adhere to.

You should be able to walk on it that night and drive on it in the morning…(depending on weather and square footage)

2-Coats will last 2, 3 even 4 times longer than a 1-Coat but we do offer 1-Coat Pricing


But wait at least 90 days first. Asphalt needs between 60 and 90 days to fully cure. If sealer is applied before the pavement has cured, the oils in the asphalt will work their way to the surface and the sealer won’t adhere properly.

There are 7 Stages of Oxidization for your Asphaltic Concrete

1. New: Tightly compacted, Smooth surface but actually very porous until sealed.

2. Shrinkage: 1 Year Old. 300+ days of solar drying

3.  Hairline Fractures: Winter Rains can Penetrate

4. Cracks: Those hairline fractures grew, due to prolonged solar drying and water penetration. Pitted, porous, rough, dry and oxidized surface.

5. Foundation Undermining and Faulting: Water penetration, gophers, ants…etc through cracks or underneath causes major damage sometimes sight unseen!!

6. Chuck Holes: “Alligator” Cracks developed along with larger and more serious cracks/holes

7. Complete Asphalt Failure: Gravel Pit

Protect before Stage 4!!! Regular maintenance with Sealcoating and hot-tar crack filling will prevent asphalt from developing past stage 4.